Prize Papers 2023

R.R. Birke, T. Causon, R. Turetschek, F. Emerstorfer, T. Karner, K.J. Domig, S. Hann
„Requirements for accurate quantification of nitrate and nitrite in molasses: Insights from an interlaboratory comparison“, Food Control 134 (2022)

Stephania Imbachi-Ordonez
„Benchmark study of evaporator cleaning practices in Lousiana cane sugar factories“, Sugar Industry 4/2022

Jessica Weller, Jörn Lehmhus
Comparison of mechanical and chemical weed control in sugar beet – Impact on pest insects and epigaeic predatory arthropods“, Sugar Industry 4/2022

Omid Eini, Mark Varrelmann
Challenges and potential applications of genome editing in sugar beet“, Sugar Industry 5/2022

René H.J. Heim, Sebastian Streit, Dirk Koops, Matheus Thomas Kuska, Stefan Paulus
Digital weed management – New trends for weed scoring in sugar beet“, Sugar Industry 6/2022

Olga Fishkis, Heinz-Josef Koch
Comparison of mechanical vs. chemical weed control in sugar beet – Environmental effects: soil erosion, earthworms, CO2e-emissions“, Sugar Industry 6/2022

Manuel Skeisgerski, Markus Bingel
New high bay warehouse as a result of a general logistics study 1997 → 1998 → 2003 → 2006 → 2018“, Sugar Industry 6/2022

Wolfgang Harleß, Manfred Mayr
Optimization of a batch centrifuge station“, Sugar Industry 7-8/2022

Alan N. Mead
Sampling, sample handling and sample preparation of raw sugar, white sugar, speciality sugars and plantation white sugar“, Sugar Industry 7-8/2022

Nico Antens, Marc van Dijk, Menno Roukema
Flash cooling crystallization: a novel technology for the sugar industry?“, Sugar Industry 9/2022

Jan Maarten de Bruijn
Thermostability of thin juice“, Sugar Industry 10/2022

Reinhold Hempelmann, Deike Laue
Energy efficiency concepts in sugar house operation – what is old, what is new?“, Sugar Industry 10/2022

Gillian Eggleston, Alexa Triplett, Peter Gaston, David Stewart
Fructan (Levan) is a more pervasive polysaccharide in the sugar industry than previously thought“, Sugar Industry 11/2022

Sébastien Schellen, Vincent Couplet
Significant energy savings in the beet sugar industry to reach the decarbonization goals“, Sugar Industry 12/2022

Sven Buhrmann
Nordzucker plans for fossil-free sugar production“, Sugar Industry 12/2022

Jörg Tuchert, Stefan Frenzel, Eckhard Flöter
On the solubility of sucrose in technical solutions – molasses revisited“, Sugar Industry 1/2023

Piotr Lenard: „Introduction of the pre-evaporator in the existing scheme of the evaporator station with co-current juice flow without installing a new apparatus“, Sugar Industry 3/2023

Jan Maarten de Bruijn
The role of polysaccharides in sugar beet processing“, Sugar Industry 3/2023