Committee for Research and Scrutiny of Prize Papers

General conditions for the award of prizes for papers on sugar technology by the Committee for Research and Scrutiny of Prize Papers

In accordance with Article 1(3) of the Articles of Association, the committee is empowered to award prizes to papers submitted for a prize and papers published in the journal Zuckerindustrie/Sugar Industry.

1      Prize papers

Prize papers are understood to be compositions on subjects proposed by the committee. Such papers must be submitted to the chair in reproducible form prior to publication. No reason will be given for the rejection of a submitted prize paper.

2     Papers eligible for a prize

2.1  Subjects selected by the author

2.2  Revised versions of relevant presentations

3     Miscellaneous

3.1  Papers referred to under (1) and (2) must be published in the journal Zuckerindustrie/Sugar Industry, the organ of the association.

3.2  The committee decides on prizes at its annual meeting on the occasion of the regular general membership meeting of the association.

3.3  Not eligible for prizes are papers from
Heads of sugar factories and independent production units
Members of university institutes and polytechnics
Heads of sugar company central laboratories
Owners of companies and heads of suppliers to the sugar industry.

3.4  The author or co-author of a paper to be awarded a prize should be a member of this association or of the Association of Merchants of the German Sugar Industry or of other, including foreign, associations.

3.5  In certain circumstances, the committee may depart from these conditions.

3.6  The committee’s decisions are not open to challenge.

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