Committee for the Research and Review of Papers

General conditions for the awarding of prizes for sugar-related papers/publications by the Committee for Research and Review of Papers (as at 15.05.2023).

In accordance with Article 1(3) of the Articles of Association, the Committee may award prizes to published papers dealing with scientifically and technically important issues in fields of interest of the sugar industry.

1     Papers eligible for a prize:

1.1  Papers on topics proposed by the Committee.

1.2  Spontaneous applications.

1.3  Completed papers of technical lectures.

2     General

2.1  Papers under 1.1 must be submitted to the chairman in a copyable version before publication. No reasons will be provided for the rejection of submitted papers.

2.2  Papers mentioned under 1 may be published in the journal SUGAR INDUSTRY or in other relevant journals.

2.3  The Committee shall decide on the award(s) at its annual meeting on the occasion of the VDZ General Meeting.

2.4  Under certain circumstances, the Committee may deviate from the above conditions.

2.5  The decisions of the Committee are final.

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