Prize Papers 2024

Giovanna M. Aita, Young Hwan Moon
„Blackstrap molasses as a source of bioactive compounds for the green synthesis of nanoparticles“, Sugar Industry 4/2023

Andreas Georg Degenhardt, Elke Jansen, Stefan König, Dirk Oswald
„Manufacturing, properties and selected applications of invert sugar syrups“, Sugar Industry 5/2023

Lennart Schröder, Knut Köhncke, Boris Morgenroth
Integration of heat pumps for decarbonization of beet sugar factories“, Sugar Industry 5/2023

Christian Ulrich
Challenges with very long beet campaigns“, Sugar Industry 5/2023

Marlies Geerts, Paulus Kosters, Olaf van Baal
Sugar beet leaves as a source of functional protein“, Sugar Industry 6/2023

Stefan Frenzel, Jörg Tuchert, Timo Scheuer, John Jensen, Wolfgang Klosterhalfen, Christa M. Hoffmann
Impact of sugar beet texture during processing“, Sugar Industry 9/2023

Arash Bagherzadeh, Quido Smejkal, Uwe Freißlich, Joachim Pfauntsch, Sandra Gruden, Steve Howe
Process optimization and reduction of production costs in modern beet sugar manufacturing“, Sugar Industry 11/2023

Kent Selby, Gabriel Fraga, Ross Broadfoot, Ashley Curran
On-line monitoring of C seed magma using the ITECA Crystobserver to improve performance“, Sugar Industry 1/2024

Aneta Antczak-Chrobot, Maciej Wojtczak
The impact of exopolysaccharides on the purification process – filtration, sedimentation and particle size distribution“, Sugar Industry 2/2024

Julien Rivière, Marc Cadarsi, Jean-Raymond Payet, Camille Roussel
In-house C massecuite reheater: a successful development for Le Gol sugar factory“, Sugar Industry 4/2024

Floren Plaza, Anthony P. Mann, Nazmul Alam, John Stampa
Assessment of increased tube life in boiler convection banks through commercially available tube coatings“, Sugar Industry 4/2024

Christoph Ott, Daniel Laufer, Erwin Ladewig, Christine Kenter
Composition of the weed flora in sugar beet cultivation in Germany – nationwide trials 1995–2022“, Sugar Industry 4/2024