Article 6 of the Articles of Association states:

Admission of members

The association has

(a) Regular members,

(b) Foreign members,

(c) Honorary members.

Students can become candidates for membership.

Persons desiring to join the Association register their wish with the chair of the branch association serving their place of residence, complete the application sent to them and return it to the branch association chair, who decides whether to recommend admission. The application must list the names of two members, in accordance with Article 6.1(a), (b) or (c), as sponsors, of whom at least one must be employed in the sugar industry. The applicant must have obtained the prior agreement of the sponsors who shall confirm that fact by their own signatures on the application. Applicants who have not graduated from an institution of higher learning must furnish proof of at least three years of fruitful chemical or technical employment in or in support of the sugar industry.

Applications from persons not employed in the sugar industry must be directed to the chair of the association as well as to the chair of the respective branch association. In such cases, both sponsors must themselves be employed in the sugar industry.

Membership application as PDF file

The membership fee amounts to 22 EURO per year.

Please contact

From the Nordzucker sphere, Branch Association North

From the Pfeifer & Langen sphere, Branch Association Centre

From the Südzucker sphere, Branch Association South

If you are unsure which branch association to join, please contact Manager VDZ.